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Discover Hololens 2 A Belgian first M x Microsoft
Discover Hololens 2 a Belgian first

We've had to miss you for a bit, but starting Thursday 10 December it is possible again to look at the artistic treasures of Saint Peter’s Church through HoloLens2, a device with smart glasses showing you 3D images which only you can see.

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 8 December.


You can watch Saint Peter’s Church burning, walk along with Jesus and his disciples and look from up close at the bones of the first Duke of Brabant. Or so it appears.


  • As of 15.10
  • Price: € 12,00
  • For individuals and families with kids from 12 years
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Reservation required 
HoloLens - Sint-Pieterskerk - M Leuven


Together with Studio Louter, M developed a unique and innovative visitor experience for the HoloLens: when standing in front of twelve first-rate artworks you get to see spectacular 3D images and animations.

A good example is the beautiful triumphal cross above the altar, a masterpiece from around 1490 by sculptor Jan Borman II. It is located quite high up in the church, but the HoloLens allows you to see it right in front of you, at ground level. You can walk around it and look at it from all sides, while the device’s speakers offer you more explanation.

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The HoloLens allows us to create truly amazing experiences. This technology transforms the ways in which we work, learn, and game, as well as how we experience culture. This collaboration is exceptional because for once consumers will also be able to try out the HoloLens and experience the possibilities of this technology.

- Nick Trogh, Microsoft


M Leuven is ready to guide you through the fascinating story of this magnificent church – a highlight of Brabant Gothic architecture – and to help you renew your acquaintance with its art treasures: a unique collection of Flemish masterpieces still in their original location. These treasures are brought to life as part of a powerful and innovative experience.

Dieric Bouts, together with the Van Eyck brothers, is among the most important Flemish primitives and therefore a major representative of our cultural heritage. The HoloLens catapults you back to Leuven of the 1400s and lets you be part of 'The Last Supper', the absolute number one work by Bouts.



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