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Between Heaven and Earth

About the project

Dive into the beautiful world of the St Peter's Church and discover Flemish masterpieces in their original context.

Somewhere in the near future the restored St Peter’s Church in Leuven will be the new hotspot for lovers of art and heritage. M Museum is ready to guide you through the fascinating story of this magnificent church – a highlight of Brabant Gothic architecture – and to help you renew your acquaintance with its art treasures: a unique collection of Flemish masterpieces still in their original location. These treasures will soon be brought to life as part of a powerful and innovative experience that you’ll be able to share thanks to unique digital tools.

Masterpieces and their stories

These outstanding works include 'The Last Supper' and 'Martyrdom of St Erasmus' by our Leuven Primitive Dirk Bouts. They are amongst the absolute masterpieces of Flemish painting and aren’t to be missed when you visit Leuven. The Edelheere Triptych, Jan Borman’s Triumphal Cross, the imposing Sacrament Tower, the monumental tomb of Duke Henry I and the Chapel of Proud Margaret (‘Fiere Margriet’) also feature in the total experience M has in store for you. Amazing worlds will be brought to life as you discover the stories behind the church, its art treasures and the vibrant city they call home.

Dirk Bouts

Dirk or Dieric Bouts (c. 1410–1475) can be named in the same breath as Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden as one of the most important Flemish Primitives. Born in what is now the Netherlands, he settled in Leuven, married here in 1448 and remained in the city until his death. He painted two of his iconic masterpieces – 'The Last Supper' and 'The Martyrdom of St Erasmus' – in Leuven, where they can still be seen in their historical setting. His fame diminished in the centuries that followed, but the art-historical importance of The Last Supper is now so great that the work has become an absolute must-see for international art-lovers.